Citiheight Hotel ”Handy” Smartphone dares you to Change your Travel Style

There is one thing that can ruin any travel, it’s international roaming fees. It doesn’t take much more than a few calls to friends and family and perhaps a couple of online searches before your phone bill grows a few extra digits. That is, of course, unless you lodge into one of the best boutique hotels in Lagos – CitiHeight Hotel and access  the latest handy smartphone.
 Like every other boutique hotel , It was a usual entrance but very unusual was the attractive little travel smartphone with  great features – “Handy.”

The Handy smartphone

Citiheight hotel Handy smartphone
Handy smart phone
”Take me out I am your free Travel Buddy”
Handy,  a smartphone is an  extra sophisticated service newly introduced by Citiheight Hotel, placed in  rooms for guests with such a radical design that’s sleek, portable and includes  exhaustive travel tips, free calls to five countries – China, Hong Kong Sar of China, Nigeria, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States.
When searching for a suitable phone as a traveller, you probably would have several factors on your list, for a majority of travellers – good design, quality camera, good performance, travel guide and of course well laid out menu for easy use.
Sincerely speaking, this phone has all of that covered including the unbelievable offer of free internet and calls.
According to Peter Abutu, the Operations Manager at CitiHeight Hotel ;
 “Handy is a powerful hospitality solution for uplifting guest satisfaction and loyalty.”
Interestingly CitiHeight is the first hotel offering such service in Nigeria, the first of it’s kind. “Handy” has such features that dares you to change your travel style.
Now Travellers can say goodbye to expensive cost of roaming, stress as regards sim purchase, extra airtime charge etc. Such opportunity gives freedom to flaunt an unlimited communication advantage Citiheight Hotel offers, get in touch with friends and family to the enlisted countries, with absolutely no hassle.
Aside Handy smartphone, I must say I was extremely impressed at the impeccable service offered at this truly luxury hotel. Food and cuisine excellent, great hospitality and you get every bit of your money’s worth – a remarkable experience.
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